Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Part I of Interview with "Great Caesar" x

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Today I have for you Part I
of an interview with Great Caesar! A
bit of background info about them for those of you who
have not come across them before: Great Caesar are
a six piece chamber-rock band who currently reside in New
York. Their most recent single is "Don't Ask
Me Why" which can be found here!

Great Caesar Interview Part I

1. Could you please introduce yourselves and your instrument? 
(I say this because its so difficult to track down any info on Great Caesar :D)
John-Michael Parker (vocals, guitar) 
Adam Glaser (bass)
Tom Sikes (trumpet)
Mike Farrell (guitar)
Stephen Chen (saxophones)

2. Where do you call "home"? 

New York City! We've lived here for about 3 years now and love it, despite how dirty and hectic 

it is all the time.

3. How did you think up the name "Great Caesar"? Is there a reason why you chose it? 

It's a line from Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar;" Decius says it just before Caesar is murdered by the conspirators.  We've all found something meaningful in that play since reading it in high school, 

and that line has stuck with us over the years. It's pretty unique too, if a little hard to spell.

4. How long have you been a band/known each other? 
Actually, we've played music together since we were teenagers, as most of us are from the same 
hometown in Connecticut. 

5. Where do you find inspiration for your incredible songs - especially "Don't ask me Why"?!

As we continue to grow up and try to make sense of our lives and relationships, those feelings - and reflecting on how those feelings change over time - are a big part of what we write about. With Don't Ask Me Why we wanted to write about having big dreams and taking the leap of faith to realize them. We found inspiration in the film "Moonrise Kingdom," music by Beirut and Arcade Fire, and famous figures like JFK and MLK. And actually, we found a lot of inspiration from the high-school students John-Michael worked with as a mentor who had big dreams of their own. Inspiration is everywhere!

Great Caesar 

I will post the second half for you 
on Friday! 

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