Thursday, 24 April 2014

Urban Perk #1

Hey Everyone,

I've been away in Istanbul (hence the lack of 
content) but I'm back now!

Since the weekend is on it's way I'm going to show
you some inspiration on where you could go 
this weekend. This is my first Urban Perk
post of many to come (I hope), these locations 
are chosen based on factors such as People, 
Entertainment, Price and Fun/Interesting-ness.

The locations are aimed at Teens who want to 
explore further than the nearest shopping

Warning: Be prepared to discover new territory, home to 
the world's wildest.

Urban Perk #1: Southbank Real Food Market
Entertainment: Food, an occasional vintage fair, 
entertainers on the river
People: Friendly ~ Price: £

The Southbank Real Food Market takes place every
weekend (Fri-Sun) and offers a gorgeous variety
of food, from Chorizo to Chapatis even the pickiest
of eaters will find something to their liking. 

And not only that but after buying your food you
can walk down to the Thames and watch the Skateborders 
backside and bail at the skate park or laugh with
the  entertainers on the riverside. 

My favourite part of visiting the Southbank is
watching the oh-so-cool skateborders try out 
new tricks. And if the weather's good, the 
River Thames sparkles magnificently whilst boats
and tourists cross by boat and bridge. 

Here are some photos I took on my visit a few
weeks ago:
Southbank Skate Park

Amazing Brownies!

Fresh Juices 

Creperie Lui


Be sure to check out the hotdogs and brownies,
they're seriously good!


Ps. A new interview will be posted on 
Saturday :D

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