Saturday, 26 April 2014

Part I of Interview with The Majority Says

Hi All,

Here is Part I of my interview with The
Majority Says. You may not have heard of them before
but you might recognise them from the Lidl christmas
ad jingle "All these little things"

1.Could you please introduce yourselves and your instrument? 
 We’re the Majority Says, I'm Axel, I play the bass, Timo plays the keys, Jonathan and Emil plays
 the guitar and Mathias the Drums. As you may know, Hanna does the lead vocals, all of the 
guys try to sing as much as we can as well, making nice 
harmonies and such, you know.

2. Where do you call "Home"? 
For now I think we all call Sweden home, something tells me we always will, we love getting back to 
Sweden, but we also like being on tour of course, Germany is a favorite.

3. What inspired you to name yourself "The Majority Says"?
Actually we just wanted to have a cool name, no real story behind it. We wanted a name that s
tarted with ”the”. Later we’ve found out if you puzzle a bit with the first letter in our first names 
you’ll get ”THE MAJ” Which is kinda cool.

4. How long have you been a band/known each  other?
Together, in this setup we’ve been playing for about 3 years, but some of us have known each 
other since we where kids, Jonathan and Emil have been playing together since 
they where about 12 years old.

5. Where do you find inspiration for your songs? (My favourite is Run Alone)
We find inspiration in many things, many of the songs of our upcoming album are about being 
from a smaller city, relations, being young and such things. We get inspired by
art, music, films & nature.

If you would like to hear some of Majority Says'
sound, I have uploaded a video of their song
"Run Alone"

Her soft voice, their harmonic, male voices and the
sounds of electro-pop form a wonderfully catchy and
uplifting song. A delightfully perky piece, go on- 
give it a go...

Poppy x

Ps. Part II will be available soon

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