Thursday, 6 March 2014

My Top 5 Books to Read for All Ages

Hi there, 

In the spirit of World Book Day I thought that I would 
give you a list of my top 5 books to read
this weekend, which is what I usually do if
I have some extra time.

The books I have chosen are suitable from 
13-100+ (although it is a matter of being 
interested in the topic of the book)

Let us begin.....

1.The Book Thief
This book is absolutely
amazing! It is narrated by death and although this 
may sound very daunting it is as light as
a marshmallow! Death follows a girl called Liesel
who lives in Germany at the brink of WWII, who 
is obsessed with books. A beautifully written book
that you'll never forget. On the plus side, the film 
has just been released! 

2.The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry
At first, I struggled to connect with this book,
I felt that it wasn't headed anywhere and I didn't
like it very much. But then the plot became clear 
and the message too! Harold Fry is a retired man
who becomes bored with his routine, so when he 
receives a letter from an old friend he sees it as an
opportunity to do something new (and maybe even slightly

3.Paper Towns
Another quoted-filled and quirky story from best 
seller John Green. Everyone may be reading 
The Fault In Our Stars but this is well-worth
the read. Q is a high school student on the verge of 
graduating and after a night of fun-filled pranks
with his next door neighbour (Margo), he finds himself
searching for clues to her disappearance. But the
Margo he is searching for is not the one 
he expected. 

4. On The Road
A story of two men who travel across America
in search of knowledge and experience. Together
they experience the ups and downs of life and
freedom. The wonderful passages show Kerouac's 
love and passion for America. If you want a taste of 
freedom and self understanding, then this is one for you.

5. Birdsong
It 1910 and Stephen Wraysford has arrived in Amiens to 
stay with the extravagant Azaire family. Unexpectedly he falls for Isabelle, the unhappily married wife of Mr. Azaire but
WWI arises and causes their relationship to end. 
The story follows their separate lives throughout and after
the war. But will they ever find each other? 

I hope you find one to your liking! 

Poppy Valentine x

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