Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Awesome Idea #6

Hello All,

Have you had a good week so far? 
(I know I have!)

So today I wanted to show you another Awesome
Idea, I saw this and just thought it was 
very cool and extremely clever:

I think its very clever of the designer
to incorporate the idea of imperfections 
into a piece of simple design. 
Usually, design is very clean, smart and elegant, 
so I thought that this was a great twist on 
that perception. 

This weekend, I'm finally going to the photography
exhibition at the Natural History Museum!
Plus, I might be hitting Brick Lane again - which would 
be awesome! It means I can show you this 
beautifully hidden gem on Brick Lane.

All will be unveiled...

Love always,
Poppy Valentine x

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