Sunday, 2 March 2014

New Look Mini-Spree

Afternoon Everyone,

I'm sorry I haven't posted in so long I have
been so busy with homework and I haven't had 
my laptop to post from! 

I wanted to post a video of a tour of my room
but the format isn't compatible with blogger,
so I won't be able to! :(

However, I did just go on a mini-spree and
bought a series of items I'm very happy with!
(All from New Look) 

White Boxy Shirt £14.99

Black Gingham Skirt £9.99

Round Frame Sunglasses £4.99

Black Tie Dye crop top £12.99

Star Product: 
Blush Rose Garland £3.99
I love the Rose Garland because it's so easy to wear 
yet it looks effortlessly hippie-like. You
can buy them in a variation of styles, colours and sizes
so they're perfect for everyone and every outfit. 

I would encourage you to purchase one if you're hitting 
the festivals this spring/summer! ;)

Have a lazy Sunday! 

Poppy Valentine x

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