Monday, 16 June 2014

Win a Pixies Screen Print!

Hey Everyone,

So, I was recently given a screen print of 
The Pixies' Doolittle album and thought that I 
would make a competition out of it! 
I have created the competition through 'Rafflecopter'
so there's no spam or dodgy stuff (:

Here is a picture of the poster:

The background is an olive-blue colour and
has been printed with matte gold paint.
A brilliant poster that will look good in any office or
home - if you don't like it your parents might? 

About Doolittle
Doolittle was The Pixies' second album and was released in
1989 on 4AD. It went on to chart at #8 in the UK album 
charts and received brilliant reviews from 
critics and magazines. 'Debaser', 'Here Comes Your
Man' and 'Mokey Gone to Heaven' were all released as singles-
 it was The Pixies' first album that had a major impact 
on the charts and the music industry. 

The competition will start at 6pm tomorrow so if you'd 
like to enter follow this link to my facebook page 
where you can enter:

Good Luck,
Poppy x

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