Tuesday, 8 July 2014

The Rise of Scandinavian Sound

Evening Everyone,

I'm very glad with the number of entries for my
Pixies Poster competition - the winner will be 
announced soon.

So recently, I was flicking through my playlist when
I realized how many Scandinavian artists I had on there.
I was then talking to my friends who were also very interested
in a number of Danish and Swedish artists. 
I've found this quite interesting and where better to talk
about it than here? 
(Don't go yet - I promise not to talk about ABBA!)

It all started with Bjork (although she is Icelandic)
with her 1993 album 'Debut' she rose from the crowd
like a bubble in a coke can. Her beautiful lyrics and
electronic pop opened the gateway for a new era of pop music.
Combining house, jazz and trip-hop she went on to be one of
the biggest artists of her time - and still is!
Listen To: 'Come to Me' & 'Hyperballad'
Closely following Bjork were Swedish band The Cardigans.
The Cardigans leaped to fame when their song 'Lovefool'
was featured in the 1996 film Romeo + Juliet.
Their album Life, released in 1995, was produced by
Tore Johansson who also went to produce music for Franz
Ferdinand and Wild Beasts. 

I'm not going to be able to name every artist that has
ever come out of the Scandinavian scene but now there seem 
to be more than ever!
You've got Robyn, who first appeared in the 90s after her hit single "Do you know", MO, The Majority Says and Royksopp just
to name a few!
Although Icelandic, Of Monsters and Men are also a
mainstream band that have paved the way for more
indie pop/rock bands to follow.

One of my favourites is MO (the O has a line through it)
who I discovered a few months back on YouTube.
Her music has strong electropop notes, deep vocals and 
almost jazzy undercurrents (which can be heard in 'Don't Wanna Dance' and 'Say You'll be There') that have been 
compared to the likes of Grimes and 
Twin Shadow.

Robyn has also made a comeback to the pop world with
Norwegian duo Royksopp and their song 'Do It Again'.
The song is a combination of house and triphop, similar to 
Bjork, and has been described as "joyously addictive" 
and "booming" Do It Again, released in May 2014, peaked 
at number 3 in the UK Indie Albums chart.

It would seem to me that the Scandinavian and Icelandic
music scene is returning stronger than ever, this time
it is here to stay. So keep a look out!

Thank you for the music,
Poppy x

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