Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Stripes to die for!

Evening All, 

I went on a mini spree at the weekend and bought
 a few new things for the Blog! The dress I'm wearing (in 
the photos) is a gorgeous spring garment perfect 
for garden parties, a picnic or just everyday wear, to jazz
 it up a bit I've added some bright red lippy and a cute 
circular bowler hat, just to add a sprinkle of quirky chic. 
This is typical brick lane wear and it's 
my favourite outfit!

I would usually add a pair of brown leather sandals (for summer) or some chocolate coloured boots, but as you may be able to 
                                        see I am not actually wearing shoes! 

I love the grey stripes, they're much more subtle than navy or black and the 
outfit makes you feel amazing! 

Hope you all had a nice weekend?! Any trends you want me to test out? 

Poppy Valentine x


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