Thursday, 20 February 2014

Redecorating (again!)

Hey Everyone, 

Just wanted to show you some pictures of my room.
I was redecorating yesterday (my version of therapy)
by adding some pictures and rearranging my stuff.

I bought some lovely mini prayer flags and stuck them
between to adjacent walls to create a cosy little atmosphere
in the corner where my desk is.

I also stuck some 7" vinyl in a 3x3 group on the
wall to add some colour and texture - it looks so cool!

Finally, the quote I created from pages of Q music
magazine. The quote is from a song that I posted 
on my blog a few days ago ("Don't ask me Why"
by Great Caesar). 

If you have any cool ideas or pictures of your
DIY decorating - feel free to comment below :)

Have a happy thursday,
Poppy Valentine xx

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