Tuesday, 4 February 2014

The Weekend

Hello All! 

How was your weekend, hopefully the weather didn't ruin
it for you? 

On Sunday, I had an awesome day with two of 
my friends at The Breakfast Club in Battersea! 
We got sat in this cosy little wood - paneled corner
where they had loads of old washing machines filled 
with disco lights - it was super cool! 

And the PANCAKES!! Whoa, were they good!
If you haven't been already, I encourage you to 
go immediately! Sadly, you do have to queue outside for
a bit but it's well worth it. 

Here is the link for The Breakfast Club

Another thing I did over the weekend was create 
a collage of my favourite black and white photos (my 
latest obsession!)

Here are a few of the best:
"War is Hell"

James Dean in New York

Hippie Woman

Girl Smoking
I love all this old photography because it's so unique! 
How often do you come across a modern day photo of
a topless hippie, smoking, on the shoulders of
a guy at a festival?!

Anyway, I'll see you at my next post!

Poppy Valentine x

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