Friday, 17 January 2014

New and Upcoming Artists #FourFavourites


These are my top artist discoveries of the year (so far), 
take a look:

This singer has a soft, R&B inspired voice, 
if you enjoy Lorde and Lana Del Ray, then this 
is definitely one for you. As well as having a 
stunning voice, she has also featured on many 
magazine front pages for her dark, mystical 
beauty. This is her new song "Waiting Game".

Amber Run
This band are relatively new and unheard 
of, I found them a few months back with their 
song "Noah". Their music is filled with harmonies, 
soaring choruses and preppy beats. For the lovers
of Mumford & Sons,I guarantee you'll love them! 
This is their new single "Heaven".

Warpaint are an emerging band that are
lined up to play all the big festivals this
year (including Coachella!). This all girl
Indie Rock band are releasing their self-titled 
second album this year. So, here is their latest 
single "Love is to Die".

Luke Sital-Singh
He is an absolute star; Luke Sital-Singh 
has been compared to the likes of Ben Howard
and Jeff Buckley. His songs are filled with
slow melodies, beautiful lyrics and delicate 
notes. He is one to watch in the new year! 

Please take a look at all these amazing artists, 
you might find one you like? 

Have a lovely weekend!

Until the next post, 
Poppy Valentine x

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