Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Summer is here!

Hi Peeps, 

Wow, some serious blog neglect has gone down 
but I promise to make it 
up to you! 

So much has happened to me since my last post, I've spoken
 to a blogging  legend; Ophelia Horton,  been to New York AND had a  rather big shopping spree. I've been on 
a bit of a lucky streak at the moment 
but it's due to run out 
anytime soon! 

My latest obsession is with White. Anything white will put a smile on my face, although people say it's not a very 
flattering colour I think you'd be surprised! 
One of my latest purchases was a white lace dress 
from Forever 21 - which is absolutely fantastic! 
I would recommend Forever 21 to anyone who is
looking for quality clothing at a purse - nursing price. 
So go on - dare yourself! 

Here are some photos taken by Desire Ageymang: 

Summer is the perfect time for fashion, the days look fabulous and so should you! So why not try something new? A bright red maxi skirt or a pretty little peplum top?! 
You'd be surprised at what you find! 

On to Cosmetics.....
I recently bought some new cosmetics which are perfect for a quick refresh in the summer heat, try Batiste for a quick hair wash and Barry M nail varnish in Lemon
 Ice Cream to awaken any outfit! 

Well, I hope you get some inspiration! 
We'll speak soon! 
Poppy Valentine x

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